Golf Professionals

Information is clear and precise.
Makes for quick analysis.
Simple and quick to use.
The perfect tool for explaining the laws of ball flight, resulting in faster results for your clients.
Increases interest in lessons and other services.
Rentable to customers when not being utilized by the professional.
Currently used by AA and AAA rated pro's in Australia

Other Uses


Corporate Rooms

Board Rooms

Houses / Home Theatre

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News Articles

16th July 2016

Hi Tech Golf Services is pleased to announce that its new putting system, Zen Putting has been fully installed into a bespoke runway equiped with Apple TV and a massive 55 inch telvision cable free and running solely on an Ipad. Unlike Sam Putt Lab there is no need for calibration or attaching of "tridents" to putters. Simply pick a putter and make a stroke. Its that simple.