Round of Golf

Choose form the front 9, back 9 or all 18 holes and play as you would on a real golf course with the exception of putting. When you reach the green, the system awards a one, two or three putts, depending on the distance and diffculty of reaching the hole. The one putt area is yellow, red is two putts and blue is three putts. New courses will automatically be downloaded to the machine as they become available.


Improve your game with your series of challenges or pit your skills against other golfers with the Leader board and Prize challengers. Current challenges include: Long Drive, Bunker, Freestyle, Easy, Medium and Hard Challenges. Ideal for corporate days or club competitions. Increase participation from club members.


Practice your swing with the Driving Range, a 4000 yard practice facility with targets ranging from 50 to 225 yeards. At impact analysis data and ball tracks are displayed be default in this mode enabling fine tuning of your swing. The on-screen graphic displays the club speed; face angle and swing path as ball speed, spin RPM, launch angle and azimuth or ball direction. This program is ideal for the golf professional looking for enhanced teaching or club fitting. Unlike any other product on the market, it provides clear and precise data that pupils can easily understand and digest